Celebrating Aussie Holidays with Social Painting Classes

Did you know that Australia observes more than a dozen national and state holidays? Almost every month, Australians all across the continent set aside their ordinary routine and get out to celebrate a holiday or two. These are days off of work, days off of school, days meant to simply relax, to celebrate a religious or national event or important date, or just to spend time with family and friends.

But what is there to do on these holidays? When we don’t have to go to work or school, what do we do? Most people end up not doing much of anything, not for lack of incentive, but simply because they don’t know what to do. Or they do the generic, “same old same old” celebration by going to a pub or by attending (or hosting) a house party or office event.

That is where Life With Paint comes in. What about trying something entirely new for your favorite holiday? At Life With Paint, the largest social painting group in Australia, we offer themed, holiday group painting classes, private and public both, courses where you get to make beautiful paintings that are styled after a holiday theme. These classes are a great way to:

  • Make new friends
  • Bond with current friends
  • Spend time with the family
  • Explore a new hobby
  • Learn a new skill
  • Find a new passion
  • Simply enjoy the passion and joy of artistic creation!

Let’s take a look at the prominent holidays in Australia, and let’s look at how you can celebrate these symbolic events with a unique, one-of-a-kind group painting class!

New Year’s Day

Recognized around the globe and easily one of the most celebrated holidays in the world, New Year’s Day is a big deal. The holiday celebrates both the completion of one year and the beginning of the next one. It’s a time to reflect on last year’s accomplishments, experiences, and life lessons. It’s also a time to look ahead to the future, to make plans for the next year, to set goals, missions, resolutions, declarations, etc.

While lots of people spend New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in a drunken frenzy (or a hungover stupor), others choose to do something a little special on New Year’s Day. For example, lots of people across the continent are now choosing to kick the New Year off with an artistic flair. They’re starting the New Year with the art of painting.

To kick the New Year off right, Life With Paint hosts New Year painting classes all across Australia and New Zealand. Ready to start the year with a fun and creative painting class? Check out our sign up page to find the course nearest you!


Australia Day

Celebrated on January 26th, Australia Day is all about celebrating everything we love about Australia. This holiday is for Aussie national pride! From the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have inhabited these lands for 65,000 years to the newly emigrated families and their children, Australia is about accepting and celebrating the freedoms of countless cultures.

According to one survey, about 13 million Australians participate in Australia Day celebrations. That’s over half the country! And while there are several ways to celebrate this fantastic day, people often choose to ring in Australia’s special day with artistic creation, with social painting classes for Australia Day. Life With Paint gets a little patriotic when Australia Day comes around, and we host fun, Australia Day-themed social painting classes at all of our great locations across the continent.


Good Friday

According to the 2016 census performed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, about 52% of the population of Australia claims Christianity as their religion. According to that same survey, about a quarter of the Australian population practices Catholicism. Because of that, Good Friday is an important national and state holiday. Good Friday doesn’t fall on the same day every year, but it always falls on a Friday. Good Friday is a day to take off of work and school, a day to spend in a religious ceremony, or simply a day to spend in reflection, contemplation, in fasting, or in sharing simple meals with family and friends.


While Life With Paint is a secular art organization, our artist-instructors and other staff members believe that it is vital to recognize and participate in religious holidays. This is our way of showing solidarity for religion in general, and it is our way to show our support for the immense amount of good that religion brings into our world. So with that in mind, every time Good Friday rolls around, people all across Australia take group painting classes! Families and friends gather at these classes to create art, to paint, to engage in conversation, to socialize, and to spend this special day in the joy of creating something beautiful, something memorable!

Easter Monday

Easter Monday is a Christian holiday, one that is observed in many countries, Australia included. Easter Monday falls on the Monday after Easter Sunday. While Easter Sunday is usually a day of peaceful quiet and of time spent with family, Easter Monday, on the other hand, is often a day of celebration, of parades, of public events, games, barbecues, and other festivals. Easter Monday is a nationally recognized holiday in Australia, giving locals and visitors alike a real chance to enjoy each other’s company, to engage in activities, to celebrate, to attend sporting events, etc.

Some of the events which occur on Easter Monday include the National Folk Festival, the Byron Bay East Coast Blues and Roots Bluesfest, the Australian Gospel Festival, the Stawell Easter Gift athletics competition, the Three Peaks Race, the Easter Racing Carnival in Sydney, and the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race. At Life With Paint, we celebrate Easter Monday by hosting social painting classes at our fantastic venues all across the continent. That gives Aussies and tourists alike a chance to do something extraordinary and different on Easter Monday. Why not create art and rejoice in the joy of doing so on this special day?

Anzac Day

Falling on April 25th each year, Anzac Day is a significant holiday for Australia, an important national, commemorative occasion. Anzac Day marks the anniversary of the first military action fought by both Australian and New Zealand military men in the first World War. This military effort occurred over eight months in 1915, and it served as one of the first-ever military efforts that Australia and New Zealand participated in as sovereign nations.


Today, Anzac Day serves to honor and remember all Australians and New Zealanders who have died in military conflicts since World War I. As Anzac Day is a national holiday, most businesses and schools are closed for the day. That gives locals a chance to get an extra day off, a special day to honor the countrymen who gave their lives for the cause. Life With Paint offers social painting classes on Anzac Day. This is an excellent opportunity to spend the holiday creating artwork and perhaps commemorating and honoring those we’ve lost.

Christmas Day

Perhaps the most popular holiday in the world, Christmas Day is absolutely celebrated in Australia and New Zealand. But the difference here is that, when Australians celebrate Christmas, they’re celebrating the holiday during the summer season! This makes an Aussie Christmas quite different from how it is celebrated in other parts of the world.

Furthermore, let’s not forget that Australia is a land of many cultures, with millions of immigrant families living in Australia. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, almost one-third of Australia’s population was born in a different country. In fact, this has been an ongoing trend of increasing immigration since 1944, back when only about ten percent of the continent’s population was born overseas.


The result of this 70+ year trend has been increasing cultural diversity every Christmas season. Each year, families from England, Ireland, Japan, China, India, and dozens of other nations gather and celebrate Christmas in their own, unique way.

One of the best ways to celebrate Christmas in Australia is with a group painting class. This is a great way to get the family or friend group together or even to schedule a private event painting class for the office Christmas party or corporate holiday event. And don’t forget, when you plan a private event, you can even request the type of painting session to be taught!


Painting Classes

Boxing Day

Boxing Day falls on December 26th, the day after Christmas. Boxing Day is a public, national holiday in Australia, celebrated and recognized across the continent and in each state. Boxing Day is in place to celebrate a variety of things, depending on the country one is in. In Australia, Boxing Day is all about going shopping, playing Cricket, going to the movies, or watching the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. In a nutshell, it’s a day to celebrate!

And now, thanks to Life With Paint, Boxing Day can also be a day to celebrate with a group painting class! Life With Paint offers social painting classes all across the continent on this particular day, and we encourage locals and visitors alike to take a break from the big department stores on Boxing Day and to create art instead. Who needs more possessions from stores when you can create your home décor at a Life With Paint class?

Signing up for a Social Painting Class With Life With Paint

There is a magic and an extraordinary wonder that occurs when a group of people get together and create paintings together. And it doesn’t matter if you have prior experience painting or making art or if this is your first time picking up a paintbrush. Click on over to our sign up page and select your ideal location and time for your class.

Just in the last three years, Life With Paint delivered more than 2,184 classes to 54,600 delighted students. And we did so at several venues in cities and places like:

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Feel free to reach out to our helpful staff if you have any questions. You can call us, email us, or fill out our brief contact form.


What Our Students are Saying

We feel the best way to show that we provide a phenomenal service is by showcasing the 5-star reviews and the excellent feedback we receive from our students. You can check out hundreds of positive reviews that our students have left for us on Google, Facebook, and other websites. See for yourself! Life With Paint’s artist-instructors help beginner and advanced artists alike discover (or rediscover) the wonderful world of painting.



We’ll leave you with these super kind words from Mariam Al Sakafi, a recent graduate from one of our Sydney classes:

“A real inspiring event with Life With Paint hosted by Ari and instructed by a brilliant artist. I attended with my brother and hands down had an amazing experience at this event. This social art class is held for those with a thirst to be creative and a desire to relax and have fun. Really enjoyed this opportunity to paint ‘Late Night Stroll’ amongst many talented individuals. I would definitely attend another class again! And highly recommend it to anyone that would like to get a touch of their creative side. Thank you for having us!”

And these kind words from Pamela Lodge, who also took a class at one of our Sydney locations:

“So much fun!! Great for events or a night out with friends to bring out your creative flare and share a few drinks. Easy to reach locations in Sydney and many different painting options available to choose from. The Life with Paint team were very friendly and well organized, fantastic service! I would highly recommend giving it a go!”

We hope to see you at one of our classes soon! And don’t forget, if you want to book a private event for the holiday of your choice, don’t hesitate to ask!

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