Group Painting Classes for Office Parties, Team-Building, and Corporate Events

A business’s office culture or work environment is a significant factor in the success of a business. Companies large and small have sought to improve their efficiency and production. In their efforts to do so, companies have found that staff morale, the culture of the work environment, has been a significant factor in workplace production and efficacy.

But how does one improve workplace morale? How do we get our employees to operate in the workplace with better teamwork?

There are lots of group activities that can bring a team of employees closer together. Group sports, paintball, Office Olympics, escape rooms, carnivals, movie nights, bowling, beach trips, wilderness exploration, the list goes on and on.

But if you haven’t tried a group painting class for a great, one-of-a-kind team-building exercise, this might be the key to engendering higher levels of production and teamwork within your workforce.

Group Painting Classes and Team Building

Group painting classes bring much to the table in terms of being ideally suited as a team-building exercise. When employees gather in a room and the creativity starts to flow, employees who typically don’t talk or interact much are soon found engaging with others, chatting, making artwork, and generally having a great time.

A painting class is a healthy group activity because each team member is working together with other team members to create fantastic artwork. The team can work on one large canvas together, or the team can divide into smaller groups and work on individual paintings. Or each employee can have his or her own canvas and can seek feedback and acknowledgment from others in the group.

Painting classes are also all-inclusive. Traditionally, team-building events are somewhat physically demanding. Paintball, team sports, bowling, outdoor games, even escape rooms can be physically challenging for some. But with a group painting event, rather than flexing physical muscles, team members can flex creative muscles in working together to create beautiful artwork.

When trying to foster teamwork amongst your staff, you want to make everyone feel accepted and welcome. A non-physically demanding event like a group painting class offers the best environment for doing just that. No more leaving a certain percentage of the workforce behind. A group painting class is a team-building exercise that the entire team can participate in.

And let’s not forget the powerful magic that comes from creating artwork. Few things boost morale like creating something beautiful, something that lasts, something that employees can say they made. The team is sure to perform at peak levels after a morale boost like that.

Corporate Events, Painting Classes, and Fostering Creativity Among Employees

Painting classes are great for more than just team-building exercises. Such courses are a fantastic means of fostering enhanced creativity, self-confidence, persistence, determination, and morale.

In an economy where competition is perhaps more intense than it ever has been, businesses must be creative to stay on top. What better way to grow creativity, to engender innovation and “big think” amongst your employees than with a corporate painting event? Any business owner wants their employees thinking on their toes and bringing new ideas and bright concepts to the office. Business owners can nurture those ideas and concepts by organizing an “all hands on deck” group painting class.

At Life With Paint, we’ve seen the entire mood of a group change as a result of taking one painting class. By the end of just a few hours, the group is laughing and smiling; awake, alive, excited, and ready to jump back into their job tasks. Life With Paint pulls employees out of the “daily grind” of work, hits the reset button for them, gives them a chance to be creative and group-oriented, and then sends them back to work with a smile on their face.

Putting a New Spin on Holiday Office Parties

Why not do something different this year for the annual holiday office party? The truth is, once you’ve been to one holiday office party, you’ve been to them all. Even when different themes are used, it’s just the same holiday party, over and over again. Nothing much to do, and it’s likely the staff will drink a little too much and then be embarrassed about it come Monday morning.

Why not disrupt the system of the traditional holiday office party? A private painting class is a great way to give the staff a holiday party they will always remember. It brings the team together in the joy of creation. It provides each employee with the gift of artwork, paintings they create, tokens of the party that they will cherish forever.

A painting class gets people out of their shell. Maybe it’s the creative nature of the class. Perhaps it’s the team effort of everyone working together to create magnificent artwork. Perhaps it’s the fact that everyone is doing something so different, so unique, so unlike what they’ve come to expect from office parties.

And last but not least, a private painting class for the employees is a great way to get your team doing something. No more standing around, eating lousy food, and drinking alcohol. At a holiday office party where a painting class is the central theme, each employee gets to engage themselves in an art form while socializing with other employees. Fun, creative, memorable, and different.

Life With Paint – The Pros at Fun, Productive Office Events

At Life With Paint, we specialize in hosting private, corporate events, holiday parties, and team-building exercises. Over the last three years, we’ve facilitated incredible corporate events all across Australia. Some of our happy customers include:

Channel 10 News Sydney
Commonwealth Bank

And those are just some of the big-name businesses! Life With Paint has hosted hundreds of office painting classes for thousands of employees. We’ve worked with companies with as few as ten employees. We’ve also hosted several events for companies with as many as 150 participants!

Let Life With Paint add the flair of creativity and art to your upcoming business event. Contact us (good place for a link to Contact Us page) for information on booking your private event.