Group Painting Classes vs. Clubbing


Set the scene. It’s a Wednesday afternoon. The workweek is at the halfway point. You have your eyes set on the weekend. You and your friends are trying to figure out what to do to make this weekend memorable. One friend mentions going to the bar. Everyone sort of groans. Not the bar again. Another night of spending too much money to drink too much alcohol, only to feel bad about it the next morning.

Another friend mentions going to the nightclub. Ears perk up a bit. Well, the nightclub is definitely a shade better than the bar, isn’t it? After all, there is dancing involved at the nightclub. Right? Or is this just another road towards buying overpriced drinks, drinking too much alcohol, possibly making poor decisions, and then ending up feeling bad about it the next day?

How about a third option. Enter in Life With Paint, Australia’s premier company for offering both private and public group painting classes. And yes, you can bring alcohol if you want. We offer “paint and sip” classes; we just ask that you drink in moderation.

Looking at the Pros and Cons

At a Life With Paint private group event, you and your friends can:

De-stress from the workweek.
Learn a new skill.
Boost your creative side and watch your friends do the same.
Uplift your crew/squad with the joy of creation.
Feel a sense of accomplishment when you finish the class and have your masterpiece painting to show for it. (Truly memorable!)
Take those first steps towards becoming an artist.
Share laughs and good times with friends, all in an environment where the space is well lit, where you can hear each other, and where there are few distractions (unlike a nightclub!)
Make new friends and network with other like-minded, creative individuals. Maybe even meet someone special!

Now, compare the above to what you’re going to get at a nightclub. At a nightclub, the end result will probably be something like the following:

Spending more money than you were planning on spending.
Drinking more alcohol than you were planning on drinking.
Trying to dance on the dance floor but you can’t really because it’s too crowded.
Trying to network and chat with new people but you can’t really because it’s too loud.
Possibly trying to meet someone special but you can’t really because it’s too loud AND it’s too crowded.
Staying up too late.
Sleeping in too late the next day.
Waking up with a hangover, essentially tainting the entire day because of it.

There’s nothing wrong with an occasional night out. But the critical thing to remember is moderation. And we want to encourage a fun, safe, exciting, invigorating, and creative weekend. That was the original goal, right?

Rather than spending the night out at the nightclub, why not sign up for a private event with you and your mates and a Life With Paint host artist? It will truly be doing something different and memorable. You can even bring a beer or a bottle of wine with you. Just remember. Moderation.

Rave Reviews for Life With Paint

Hundreds of people are writing rave reviews about Life With Paint. From Alice Springs to Brisbane, Perth to Melbourne, Gold Coast to Sydney, Canberra to Darwin, our Life With Paint group events bring something entirely new to the table for engaging, healthy, creative, and unique weekend fun.

Check out what these three, recent students had to say about their Life With paint group painting classes:

Suzanne Hastwell said:

“Wow! What fun! No experience necessary, no skill necessary. Just go, have a great time and follow along with what your teacher is telling you to do. It’s that easy – really it is!! A great way to spend a couple of hours on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Try it for yourself today. You have nothing to loose and a great skill to learn.”

Hyun Kim said:

“We booked a private event for staff at my workplace. They came to us, set up everything we needed and guided us through the whole painting process. It was so much fun and everyone agreed that it was very relaxing and rewarding. We painted the blue cockatoo…and even with our limited painting experience, everyone’s paintings turned out absolutely amazing! I would highly recommend this for a staff work event, hens or a chill afternoon with some mates.”

Sammi Wonderland said:

“Took my partner to one they put on in Darling Harbour for a surprise date night and it was awesome. The teachers were so helpful and there was no pressure at all. My partner and I are such amateur painters but we loved that we could walk away with a painted lion each that now both hang on our wall!”

More testimonials can be found on our Facebook page or our Google business profile. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Put the Nightclub on the Shelf and Try Something New This Weekend

Ready to boost the creative side of your friend circle? Ready to de-stress with your mates in a way that doesn’t involve the bar scene? Ready to get the girlfriends out for a fun, creative endeavor with a little bit of wine but no creepy bar-hopping men? A two hour class with one of Life With Paint’s host artists might be the perfect activity for you and your friends.

We have host artists in cities like:

Alice Springs
Gold Coast

We even have host artists in New Zealand! If you’re ready for a fun afternoon or evening that you and your friends will never forget, fill out our Private Event Quote Request Form today. One of our staff will get in touch with you, and we’ll get right to work on planning your group painting class!