Less Paint and Sip, More Paint and Create!


Paint and sip. Here is an activity, one could even call it an industry, that is rapidly growing. Paint and sip consists of group painting lessons accompanied by the consumption of wine or other alcoholic beverages.

Since 2007, the number of “paint and sip” franchises has increased rapidly. Just in the U.S. and Canada alone, there are about 1,000 paint and sip companies. The trend is catching on down here in Australia, and Life With Paint is at the forefront with the largest group painting company on the continent.

Life With Paint and the “Paint and Sip” Tradition

The paint and sip business model is simple enough. Customers sign up for an event, they select a date and time, pay for their ticket, and then show up at the predetermined time and place for their class. The class encourages participants to bring alcohol. Sometimes, if the paint and sip venue has a liquor license, it will provide the booze. The painting lessons are led by professional artists.

But let’s be very clear about something. The degree of drinking done in a paint and sip class will significantly determine the outcome and overall enjoyment of the course.

Life With Paint has taught 2,184 classes to over 54,600 students at 17 excellent venues across Australia. We’ve taught painting classes for quite a while. We’ve assessed our methodology over and over again. And we’ve worked hard to improve our process. Our goal has been to bring the absolute best possible painting experience to our students.

Over our several years in the trade and our thousands of students serviced, we’ve found that it’s best to host paint and sip painting classes with an emphasis on the painting aspect. More paint, less sip.

And why is that?

From our research and surveys, we’ve discovered that most people sign up for a group painting class with the following objectives in mind:

More than fifty percent of students sign up for a class because they are interested in creating a beautiful piece of artwork.

About a third of our students sign up because they are looking for a fun way to socialize and spend time with friends and family.

A small percentage of students say they signed up for a class to meet new people.

Only about ten percent of our students say that the inclusion of alcohol was the “deciding factor” in them signing up for a paint and sip class.

With that in mind, we’ve structured our paint and sip classes to keep the focus on the artwork and the social engagement, with the wine and other beverages being more of an afterthought. We saw some classes get pretty boozy in our early years. We learned from surveys that those classes were never as thoroughly enjoyed by our students as the more paint-focused courses were. Plus, the more students drank, the more difficulty they had in creating beautiful paintings, (which was their main reason for signing up in the first place).

Let’s clarify. Life With Paint does host paint and sip events for legal-drinking age participants. But we encourage moderation. Rather than making a paint and sip event 50 percent paint and 50 percent sip, Life With Paint puts 90 percent of the focus on the paint end of the event, and perhaps 10 percent of the focus on the sip end.

Taking a Painting Class at Life With Paint – The Big Difference

Our students submit rave reviews for our paint and sip classes. (Good place for an internal link to testimonials page). And while Life With Paint hosts group painting classes at cafes, coffee shops, lunch shops, and pubs, we encourage our students to focus on the artwork. We want our students to make good memories, and to remember those memories. And most importantly, we want our students to have a great time and to create masterpieces that they will love for years to come.

All of that is much easier to do when one is not intoxicated. For the sake of coming together as a group and creating great artwork, we encourage significant moderation at our paint and sip events.

A complete list of the downsides to taking a painting class while drunk would be a pretty long one. But here are a few, quick items:

We all know what alcohol does to our coordination. When intoxicated, it is more difficult to control the fingers, hands, and wrists. That makes the simple act of painting more difficult.

While some people feel more socially open in the presence of alcohol, drinking lowers the creative side of the mind. That’s not what we want in a painting class!

Alcohol consumption also reduces memory function, and we want to be creating good memories, not losing them!

Taking a group painting class allows you to learn a new skill. But when students drink too much, they find it more challenging to learn the art of painting, and to retain that knowledge.

Leave the Sip at Home

For those who want a totally clear mind and memories that will be well remembered, we encourage you to “leave the sip at home.” In addition to hosting adult classes, Life With Paint also hosts family-oriented painting classes, classes where we do not allow alcoholic beverages to be consumed during class hours.

If you are interested in taking a social painting class but can only find alcohol-heavy courses, sign up for an event (good place for internal link) with Life With Paint. We offer great painting events, classes where we dive into the beauty of creation through painting.

At Life With Paint, our goal is to foster a community of budding artists in Australia. We are working hard to create an art movement. And while alcohol is sometimes appropriate in times of celebration and merrymaking, we like to keep it as limited as possible. We hope to see you in our next painting class, bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and ready to create some fantastic artwork!