Ah, Canberra. Australia’s capital city and home to about 400,000 “Canberrans,” the Bush Capital has served as a colony for human settlements for over 20,000 years. Modern-day Canberra quite literally sits on the trade routes, resting places, and ancient settlements of hundreds of generations of indigenous tribes, from the Ngarigo to the Wandandian, the Walgulu, and the Wiradjuri.

Without a doubt, Canberra is a diverse city. It’s not uncommon to visit the city center or to go shopping in Canberra and hear several different languages being spoken. City inhabitants speak Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Vietnamese. Canberra even has its own public holiday, Canberra Day, on the second Monday of March.

We love Canberra and all the great things to do there. But it’s not impossible to become bored with the same recreational activities that the city has to offer. Sometimes, people feel restless, stressed out, or they feel like they have nothing going on in life. They need some kind of outlet, but they don’t know where to start. This can happen to anyone in any city, and when those morose feelings and that shiftlessness sets in, it becomes a rut not easy to escape from. That’s why Canberra residents and those living in the surrounding areas of Phillip, Lyneham, Belconnen, Chamwood, Melba, Amaroo, Gungahlin, Fishwick, and Queanbeyan should get signed up for a Life With Paint group painting class!

Painting Classes

Life With Paint – Offering a Solution to the Boring Routine

Life With Paint hosts fun, engaging, easy to follow, and spiritually fulfilling social painting classes in Canberra. You’ll come in with an open mind, ready to give it a shot, and you’ll leave with your own personal masterpiece (just a fair warning, you’ll probably want to hang it on your wall, so you might want to clear some wall space beforehand!)

A Life With Paint class is a perfect opportunity to bond with your family members and friends. These classes are also a great way to meet new people! Wholesome, clean, creative fun, and a fantastic way to socialize and just get out of the house! And given that Canberra offers a wide array of cultural sites, historic buildings, and a plenty of art inspiration, the city itself is an ideal setting for group painting classes.

Anyone Can Learn How to Paint!

Now we know what you’re thinking, “I’ve never painted before. I have no idea how to paint.” And that’s totally fine. While anyone of any painting level can take a Life With Paint painting class and benefit from it, these classes are especially well-suited for beginners. People come in to join our Canberra painting classes, never even having held a paintbrush before, and they always leave with a painting that they created.

What Our Students are Saying

Life With Paint is one of the highest-reviewed social painting groups in Canberra and all across Oceania for that matter. One of our students, Annie Fang, left this lovely review about her and her boyfriend’s experience at a Life With Paint class:

“Such a fun experience! I went with my boyfriend who has limited art knowledge and skills expecting him to hate it but he absolutely loved it. We both had a really enjoyable night and got to take home a beautiful painting each. The class teacher was really sweet and so helpful giving us many handy tips throughout the class. Highly recommend!”

How it Works

You can be signed up for a Canberra painting class in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is visit our group painting class sign up page. There you can pick the location you’d like to take a class at, select the day, date, and time, and reserve your seat in the class. Then all you have to do is show up on the day of and be ready to paint your heart out! You don’t need to bring any equipment with you. Our artist-instructors will supply easels, canvases, palettes, paints, aprons, and brushes.

Painting Classes

If you’d prefer a more personal painting session, you can also schedule a private event painting class. This is a great way to get the family together for some quality time. Our private event painting classes in Canberra are also perfect for hen’s nights, corporate events, birthday parties, anniversaries, etc.

Private Events

Take a Step Towards Creativity and Fun

Ready for a truly unique and special experience? Join a Life With Paint group painting class and actually paint the beautiful Lake Burley Griffin, the Australian War Memorial, the famous Parliament House, or the beautiful Australian National Botanic Gardens. Sign up today!