Have you always wanted to paint? Always wanted to create beautiful pieces of art? Always wanted to take what’s in your mind’s eye and replicate it on canvas? Some people think that painting is a natural-born talent. But in reality, anyone can learn how to paint.

But how do you get started? Where do you start? Maybe you’ve always wanted to paint, but you don’t know the first thing about painting. How do you take your first steps (http://www.lifewithpaint.com.au/free-live-drawing-classes/) as a beginner painter?

A Quick Guide

When people want to embark on a new hobby or activity, they often feel overwhelmed or exasperated, unsure of how to go about it. Where does one even begin, in an art form as vast and marvelous as the art of painting? Here’s a quick guide on how we recommend budding painters get started:

Consider why you want to take up painting. It’s a good idea to cement your goals in your mind before you get started. Why do you want to embrace art?

Consider what you want to get out of the art form. Is this just an occasional hobby? Do you want to become a professional artist? Are you looking to create portraits, murals, landscapes, huge canvases, smaller pieces? It’s a good idea, when diving into the art form, to not only know why you are doing it but also to know what you want to get out of it.

Pick your medium, be it acrylics, oils, or watercolors. Decide on your favorite medium, the medium you feel will allow you to express yourself best.

Acquire your supplies. Take a trip to your local art supplies store, and pick up what you need to create your first painting. You don’t have to purchase a considerable amount of supplies right off the bat, just purchase what you need to get started.

Familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of art. Before you take a crack at your first painting, familiarize yourself with the basics of painting. A good, simple, and well-illustrated book on painting from your local library might be a good start. Just take an hour or two to study the very basics of painting. How to hold a brush, how to blend colors, how to create depth of field, perspective, etc.

Decide what you want to paint. Pick something simple, but something that is nevertheless meaningful to you.

Create your first painting! Your first painting is pretty significant. It’s your first foray into a new art form. And no matter how it turns out, your first painting is your bold statement to the world that you will become a painter!

Getting started as a beginner painter is just that easy. The key is that you have to start. Spend as little time as possible getting ready to paint. Don’t put off creating that first painting. Get started as soon as you can, and then set about improving your skill and art.

Three Tips for the New Painter

You may or may not love your first painting. Either way, it is the first of many paintings to come. As you continue into the art form, here are three tips for improving your skill:

Spend time observing and appreciating art. There is so much we can learn from the greats who came before us. Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Monet, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Johannes Vermeer, Paul Cezanne, Edward Munch, the list goes on and on. Observe the greats, take inspiration from them, and, most importantly, learn from them.

Read books about art. We get quite a lot out of a literary study of the activities that we engage ourselves in. You can significantly improve your understanding of painting by reading about it. And when you develop your knowledge of the art form, you will find yourself becoming more skilled in the practice of that art form too.

Watch art videos online. With the advent of the information age, unlimited information is available to us in an instant. Particularly for troubleshooting, for learning a specific technique that is difficult to grasp, jumping online and watching videos of artists demonstrating that technique can be quite helpful.

If You Want an Extra Boost…

There are two additional bits of advice that we could give you on your quest to becoming a master painter. These are:

Take a painting class.

Get involved in the art community in your area.

Luckily, with over 2,000 classes delivered in 17 cities across Australia, (good place for an internal link to the sign-up page) Life With Paint is your friend in getting you started in the beautiful world of painting.

When learning how to paint, nothing provides as much value in the learning process as taking a painting class. In about two hours, our Life With Paint instructors can teach you the fundamentals of painting. They will help you create your very own masterpiece, and they’ll ensure that you understand the basics of the art form.

An added bonus to a Life With Paint class is that these classes are held in a group setting. Any art form that is enjoyed alone would be even more enjoyable in the presence of like-minded individuals. Immersing yourself in the art community in your area will help you make new friends. You’ll have opportunities to collaborate with others in the group. There will be mutual support, camaraderie, and a sense of community that will help keep you focused on your goals as an artist.

Life With Paint social painting classes are the perfect choice for the budding enthusiast. All you need to do is view our event locations, pick a date that works best for you, sign up for the class, and show up at the predetermined time and place. We’ll take care of the rest!

We believe that an inner artist exists in all of us. And we help bring that artist out into the open.

See you soon!