Did you know that you can give Life With Paint class passes out to your friends and family members? That’s right, this Christmas season, consider giving your loved ones gifts that will really mean something, gifts that are memorable.

We even have two recent testimonies from happy students who bought or received Life With Paint classes as gifts.

Debra Rillo said she got her Life With Paint class as a gift from her stepdaughter:

“What a fun afternoon! Got this experience as a gift from my step daughter for mother’s day and I took my sister. Was a great day, had fun in a great Adelaide pub playing with paint and drinking wine does not get any better really. Our instructor was great and encouraging. Highly recommended, will do again when I get the chance. Want to try and do the hydrangeas pic, and dragonflies one!”

Vicki Samaras purchased Life With Paint classes as gifts for her and a friend:

“What a great gift idea, seen it on groupon and bought it for my friends early birthday present. We went there not knowing what to expect but wow what a great evening. Step by step guidance by the instructor lots of tips throughout. It was so therapeutic and rewarding. We both loved it so much can’t wait to go again it’s become my new birthday gift as they get a double gift of the fun painting it plus their own painting to take home.”

Four Things Any Gift Should Have to Make it Special

Do you want to win this year when it comes to gift-giving? We did a little brainstorming, and we found that there are essentially four key points that set mediocre gifts apart from the gifts that really “hit the spot.” These are:

When you give a gift, it should be unique. The gift should be something unlike anything the recipient has ever gotten before. It should be special.

When you give someone a present, it should be something that invokes excitement and joy. Their eyes should open wide when they see it.

Who knows how many trinkets and baubles we’ve gotten for Christmas? These days, a gift should be something useful and fun. It should be something the recipient can use. Something they can get an experience out of.

A gift should be something that enhances or enriches the person’s life in some way or another.

If you can purchase one gift this Christmas that matches the above four items, congratulations, you just hit the jackpot of gift-giving! (Cue applause and confetti!) And yes, a Life With Paint class pass is a great way to give someone a gift that checks all of the above four boxes. Our classes are unique, they create excitement in those who take them, they are useful, and they enhance our students’ lives by bringing out their creative side.

Ordering Class Passes from Life With Paint

Ready to “Wow!” your family member or friend this holiday season? You can contact our team here at Life With Paint to order class passes. We offer group painting classes in cities like:

Alice Springs
Gold Coast

You can also fill out our Private Event Quote Request Form to reach someone. One of our staff will get back in touch with you and help you place your order.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us here at Life With Paint!