Visiting Sydney and looking for something fun to do? Want to enjoy the Harbour City in a fun, memorable way? Rather than just taking pictures of Sydney attractions like everyone else does, why not paint those attractions? Thanks to Life With Paint social painting classes, you can now create real, fantastic artwork of anything and everything you love about Sydney. No experience is required to make a masterpiece, and our art instructor will provide all of the materials and equipment.

An Entirely New Take on Sightseeing

If you’re visiting our beautiful city of Sydney, Australia, you can certainly do all of the ordinary Sydney “must-dos.” That’s all a part of getting the Sydney experience, after all. But if you really want to immerse yourself in our city in a way you’ll never forget, why not “paint the town” in the color and style of your choosing?

Embrace the Artistic Culture of Sydney

Want to see, first-hand, Sydney art culture? What better way to do so than by being a part of that culture? As the largest social painting group in Sydney, Life with Paint is ideally suited to give its guests the full Sydney art experience. Our talented artists can lead painting classes that are Sydney-themed.

Thanks to Life With Paint, you and your friends can get together and appreciate famous Sydney art, simply by painting it! Our Life With Paint events include two-hour classes on painting famous Sydney monuments, historical buildings, memorable attractions, and art installations like:

The magnificent Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney’s very own Parliament House
The solemn Anzac War Memorial
Bondi Beach
The unforgettable Sydney Opera House
Darling Habor
The Vauclause House
The Royal Botanic Gardens
St. Mary’s Cathedral
Hyde Park
The incredible Cenotaph

When you and your friends sign up for a painting class with Life With Paint, you can paint the subject matter chosen for that particular class. Or, if you have an idea of something special you want to paint, a Sydney attraction, a special moment with friends or family, or a sentimental photograph of yours, our artists can easily accommodate you! Our skilled instructors will guide you through the painting process, ensuring that you come in with ideas and leave with a masterpiece.

The Perks of a Social Painting Class in Sydney

Photographs are great, and we love our busy Sydney gift shops and souvenir kiosks, but why not create a beautiful keepsake of your trip to Sydney? Better than any gift, token, or piece of memorabilia from even the best gift shops, a painting that you made will undoubtedly be a memorable take-home souvenir. And in addition to having your own token from a trip to the Harbour City, here are some other perks of taking a group painting class in Sydney:

Our instructors help guide you through the process of creating your very own painting.

Rather than just taking a photograph of your favorite Sydney landmark, now you can paint it!

You can immerse yourself in the prominent artistic culture of Sydney.

No more endless sightseeing. With a group painting class, you can experience Sydney.

A painting class in Sydney is a fantastic group activity. It’s a great way to bond with friends by participating in a unique, creative moment.

When you sign up for classes with Life with Paint, no experience is required, and our friendly instructors provide all of the equipment!

You can keep your masterpiece painting, giving you a lasting, physical reminder of your trip to Sydney.

Classes can be scheduled on a variety of days, in the afternoon or in the evening. Each event is two hours long, giving you plenty of time to paint, socialize, and make great memories.

As tourist activities in Sydney go, a Life With Paint class is very affordable. Just $65.00 gets you the two-hour class, all of the equipment and materials you need, the direction and assistance of our talented instructors, and your painting!

Ready for what we promise will be the best two hours of your week? Sign up for a class of your choosing and put Life With Paint on your calendar!

New Fun for Local Sydneysiders!

Social painting classes are not just for Sydney tourists. Local “Sydneysiders” can enjoy painting classes as well, a great way to spend the afternoon with family, reconnect with old friends, or go on a truly unique first date! Furthermore, group painting classes are a fantastic way to work on team building for business staff and employees.

If you’re looking at another weekend in Sydney and wondering what on Earth to do, consider something fun and new, a social activity, an artistic expression, and a great way to experience your city.

Bring Family and Friends Together for a Fun Event!

Life With Paint is Sydney’s most prominent group painting organization. We offer all kinds of painting classes and workshops. No experience required. No equipment needed. We’ve taught the joy of painting in over 2,000 courses to over 54,000 happy customers! And those numbers grow every week.

From people who have never picked up a paintbrush in their lives to experienced artists, people say our paint classes are not only a great way to learn and practice a new skill, but that our classes create a pleasant, welcoming, and accepting social environment. People make new friends at our classes, and some have even found love and romance in our paint groups!

Ready to book your painting class in Sydney? Just click on over to our event locations page, (Good place for an internal link to events page) select Sydney, and choose the event date and time that works best for you. Sign up, pay for your admission, and then show up! It’s as simple as that. Bring your imagination and any reference photos you might need, and we’ll supply the rest.

We look forward to painting with you!