The holidays are here! And our instructors, guest artists, and support staff at Life With Paint are excited for the most creative, joyous, and loving time of the year. This is the time of year when we offer Christmas-themed group painting classes in Melbourne. We have a full list of Christmasy example paintings that you can choose from. We can teach students how to paint these in just two hours! And with several locations for group painting classes in Melbourne and across Australia, this Christmas is the perfect time to flow some love and joy to your inner artist!

We also offer private events. These are group painting classes for companies who want to do something special for their holiday party. We also provide private painting sessions for church groups, families, youth groups, etc. No matter the occasion, we are excited to paint the spirit of Christmas with you and your friends!

Five Benefits of a Christmas Group Painting Class in Melbourne

Are you looking for something fun to do this holiday season in Melbourne? We’ve found that Melbourne families, businesses, and church groups love scheduling Christmas-themed, private group events at our Life With Paint painting classes. Our guest artists provide the materials, example paintings, and instructions/guidance. All you have to do is bring your creativity and holiday cheer!

Here are five benefits to scheduling a private group painting session this Christmas season:

It’s a great way to celebrate the season. There’s no doubt that Christmas comes with some fantastic traditions. We have the cookies, caroling, and Christmas music. The Christmas trees, the lights, the religious significance, the gift-giving, etc. We love our Christmas traditions, and channeling all of that joy of the holiday season into a private painting class with family or friends is a great way to add a new tradition. Why not schedule a private group painting class with Life With Paint every Christmas? It can be a new family tradition. Just picture how wonderful it will be to have an art wall dedicated to each family member’s paintings! Every year, another set of paintings is added. Talk about a unique and fun family tradition!

Do something different with the family. Every Christmas we get together with our family and do more or less the same thing. We eat a lot, talk a lot, wear ugly sweaters, and give gifts. As much fun as that is, why not do something different with the family this year? Life With Paint offers private events for group painting classes, allowing you to bring the whole family and have the instructor to yourselves. This is a great way to connect with the family and make lasting memories in the process.

Boost creativity within your group. Did we mention that we offer private group painting events for corporate Christmas parties? Whether you manage a staff of 10 or 100, we’d be happy to provide a unique, private, customized painting session for your employees. Such is a great team-building exercise and an excellent way to inspire a little additional creativity within your group.

De-stress from the hustle and bustle of the holidays. We know the holidays can be stressful. It always feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything that we want to do. There are gifts to buy, meals to cook, family to see, projects to complete, etc. A private, two-hour event with your close friends and family is a great way to tune out the demands of the season and just paint.

It can be the first step for those interested in becoming artists. The holidays are a season of creation and joy, so what better time for you and your friends to pursue a growing desire to become artists? Take a private group painting class with your friends, celebrate the Christmas season, and take your first-ever art class all at the same time. It’s the perfect way to step into the beautiful world of the arts.


We’ve taught private painting classes to thousands of happy groups. Here’s a quick look at three testimonials from students who took a painting class from us:

From Santhel Della Sale:

“I had a great time. The instructor was nice and fun and even tho at the beginning I thought the painting was why to hard for me, I had a great time and lots of fun and walked home with something that I really like. The atmosphere was relaxed and chill. I had the chance to socialize with the people next to me. I was there for a date night with my boyfriend and it surely is a nice activity to do. Something new, funny, challenging and exciting.”

From Carla Rinaldi:

“Our group of 9 ladies had a fabulous evening painting together. A lot of fun to attempt something different. We found the class therapeutic from our busy lives. I definitely recommend getting a couple or group together for a creative night out.”

From Emeline Giron:

“I’ve been to a fair amount of classes in Melbourne in the last 18 months. I bloody love it! I really appreciate the high quality art pieces the teacher shows us how to paint. Really cool that we get to get inspired by a different piece of art for each class.”

Schedule Your Christmas Event Today!

Schedules filling up fast this time of year. If you’re looking to book a private group painting class in Melbourne, be sure to claim your spot today.

We’ve delivered hundreds of classes in Melbourne, but we also offer classes all across Australia! Some of the cities we teach private lessons in are:

Alice Springs
Gold Coast

We even offer classes in New Zealand! Just fill out our advance schedule form, and one of our scheduling staff will contact you to set up a time and place for your private event.