Holidays are a great time to get out and about and enjoy one’s city. We often don’t have to work on holidays, so such events are like an additional “free” day that we might not have been expecting.

But when these holidays roll around, what’s one to do? Rather than just sitting in front of the television all day, why not get out and about and do something? Why not try a new activity, jump into a new hobby, or take a class? Why not celebrate a holiday with a private event painting class that is themed after that holiday? Doing so affords one a great way to learn about a new culture and learn a new hobby and create your own painting to take home with you when the class is finished.

Indian Holidays – Experiencing a Different Culture with Private Painting Classes

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, about 592,000 Indian-Australians are living in Australia. There are now more Indian-Australians than New Zealanders in Australia! The Indian-Australian demographic is the fastest growing community in terms of both absolute numbers and population percentages.

With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that Australia is quite accepting of Indian culture, quite ready and willing to observe the Indian holidays and to even encourage nation-wide participation in the festivities.

So what are some of the Indian holidays that are observed in Australia? And how can one celebrate these holidays with a private painting class?

Holi – A Festival of Color, a Festival Worth Painting!

According to the Society for the Confluence of Festivals in India, “The vibrancy of colors is something that brings in a lot of positivity in our lives and Holi being the festival of colours is actually a day worth rejoicing. Holi is a famous Hindu festival that is celebrated in every part of India with utmost joy and enthusiasm. The ritual starts by lighting up the bonfire one day before the day of Holi and this process symbolizes the triumph of good over the bad.”

Holi truly is the festival of color. This festival involves body paint, colored chalk, songs, dances, group celebrations, huge banquets, family meals, and a variety of other festivities. Holi is a festival of love, a time when Indians from all backgrounds and demographics rejoice and share in the love and solidarity of humanity with each other.

Given the vibrant and colorful nature of the Holi festival, this holiday is a perfect opportunity to schedule a private painting class with your group of friends, co-workers, family, or church group. Our artist-instructors at Life With Paint can help your group create fascinating paintings of the Holi festivities. This is an excellent time to celebrate the magic and spirit of color. After all, what better way to celebrate a festival of color than to paint it?

Diwali – Celebrating the Festival of Light with Social Painting Classes

An article on the website Oyster defines Diwali as such: “Also known as Deepavali, this annual festival of lights held in October or November is the most important holiday of the year for many Indians. People working in other cities often return to their hometowns to spend at least some of the five-day festival with family. While the significance of the holiday varies across communities, it’s commonly associated with the triumph of good over evil, of light over darkness.”

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Diwali is a significant, very sentimental holiday for the Indian people. The holiday symbolizes togetherness, family, and light prevailing over darkness, good over evil. What better way to pay homage to another culture than to create your painting, your art, of the Diwali festival?

At Life With Paint, we have artist-instructors who are familiar with the Diwali festival, instructors who can arrange a Diwali-themed private event, and teach all in attendance how to create a painting that symbolizes something special about Diwali. This is a fantastic opportunity to get a group together, schedule a private event painting class for Diwali, and celebrate the holiday in a truly memorable way.

Gandhi Jayanti – Celebrating India’s Greatest Hero with the Freedom of Artistic Expression

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a prominent leader of the movement for freedom in India. A devout nationalist, an anti-colonialist, and a strong supporter of peaceful resistance, Gandhi is thought to be the single most significant influence in freeing India from British rule in 1947. For that, he is often called the Father of India.

Not only did Gandhi help free India, but his efforts have led many others to seek peaceful resistance to oppressive powers. Gandhi has served as a role model for many other freedom fighters, including Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr.

Because of Gandhi’s efforts in India, and partially because he died for what he believed in, India observes a national holiday called Gandhi Jayanti. On this day, Indians all across the world take the day off of work and reflect on the value and the importance of their freedom. This day is also observed as an international celebration of nonviolent resistance.

Quoting Incredible India, “Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday (Gandhi Jayanti or Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti) is observed on October 2nd of every year to mark the birthday of Indian activist Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. The day is also observed as the ‘International day of non-violence,’ encouraging non-violence and harmony among citizens.”

Gandhi’s birthday is an excellent time to schedule a painting class, as this is the perfect time to create art and paintings in celebration of freedom.

Scheduling a Private Event Painting class with Life With Paint

Life With Paint is proud to observe the holidays and celebrations of so many cultures from so many countries. Are you ready to sign your group up for a social painting class? Please fill out our contact form, and one of our staff will connect with you to arrange a painting class that fits with your schedule. Get ready for a memorable experience!

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