Looking for a fun activity to do this upcoming Valentine’s Day? Trying to schedule something that will really “WOW!” your significant other? Looking for a V-Day activity that’s different from the usual humdrum, (e.g., brunch, flowers, and chocolates)?

Enter in Life With Paint, a social painting organization that’s helped thousands of couples enjoy unique, private, and memorable Valentine’s Day private event painting classes.

What is a Private Event Painting Class?

Social painting classes have become a popular movement all across the world. Life With Paint is spearheading the fun activity here in Australia.

Social painting classes usually fall into two categories:

Public social painting classes. These are open classes that anyone can sign up for. Public painting classes are a great way to socialize and meet new people, to show up at a set time and place, and to enjoy the magic of creativity and art with new friends.

Private social painting classes. Private social painting classes are reserved for specific individuals, groups, couples, families, friend groups, etc. With a private lesson, you and your group set the time and place, and our artist-instructors provide the materials, paints, and instruction.

While both types of social painting classes are fun, many of our students enjoy the private painting classes as they can pick the time, place, and even the theme of the class and they know who is going to be in the class.

Why Choose Private Event Painting Classes for Valentine’s Day?

Every February, couples across the world scramble to find something fun, exciting, and romantic to do on Valentine’s Day. But for some reason, this special day almost always ends up getting the same old, same old. Maybe it’s the traditional candlelit dinner, or the same old gifts of chocolates, flowers, and teddy bears.

The point is, why keep doing the same thing every year? We want to flourish and grow within our relationships. We don’t want our relationships to be the same every year, so why would we make our Valentine’s Day celebrations the same every year?

That’s why more and more couples are choosing private event painting classes for Valentine’s Day.

Couples Painting Classes

There are two ways to schedule a private painting class for Valentine’s Day. The first approach is for the couple to plan a special painting class for themselves, just for the two of them and their artist-instructor. In this setting, the couple gets plenty of one-on-one attention and instruction. Each partner gets to make their own masterpieces, creating their artwork with real paints on real canvases. The result is a memorable experience and two paintings that can be brought home and hung on a favorite wall. The paintings will serve as permanent reminders of a cherished Valentine’s Day celebration done right.

Group Date Painting Classes

The other way to schedule a private painting class for Valentine’s Day is to make it a group date. In this case, two or more couples can get together, pick a day, date, time, and place (as well as a theme to paint, if they so choose), and make those arrangements with Life With Paint’s helpful staff.

Group private event painting classes are a great way to bond with friends and other couples and have a fantastic, romantic date with one’s significant other, all at the same time. Such a class brings the group together, doing something unique with other couples, something that does not involve the same old jaunts to the same old pubs.

Testimony from Happy Couples

Private event painting classes for Valentine’s Day are the perfect way to spend time with a girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, and/or friend group. And perhaps best of all, each participant gets to make their artwork and keep it forever. One class, one masterpiece painting, one unforgettable experience.

Life With Paint has delivered many private event painting classes for couples. And the results have been fantastic!

Sammi Wonderland said: “Took my partner to one they put on in Darling Harbour for a surprise date night and it was awesome. The teachers were so helpful and there was no pressure at all. My partner and I are such amateur painters but we loved that we could walk away with a painted lion each that now both hang on our wall!”

Kane Ayers said: “This was one of the best events I’ve been to in a while! Such a good date night activity and the Artist was very good and guided us well to create an awesome piece! Would definitely highly recommend!”

Alexander Williams said: “My partner & I have attended the Life with Paint painting classes in four separate locations and we’ve loved it every time. One of our favourite date nights. I’ve also attended two with friends which is also so much fun. We highly recommend to anyone wanting some fun bonding time with family, friends or their partner. We’ll be hitting our 5th together this coming weekend.”

Scheduling a Private Event Painting Class with Life With Paint

With over 2,184 brilliant classes delivered at over 17 venues to some 54,600 delighted students, Life With Paint excels in providing fun, memorable, valuable experiences to our students. This Valentine’s Day, Life With Paint is excited to offer private painting classes for couples. Click on over to our Private Events page and fill out our contact form.

Private Events

One of our staff will get in touch with you. He or she will help you pick the day, date, exact time, and location for your romantic Valentine’s Day date. You pay for the painting class over the phone, so all you have to do is show up with your sweetheart for your very own private, couple’s painting class. We have venues for your perusal in cities like Adelaide, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and New Zealand. And we have several artist-instructors in each city, so you have plenty of options in picking the perfect time and place for your special Valentine’s Day date.

Contact our staff today to plan what will be a truly memorable Valentine’s Day!