When we think of paintings and the art of creating paintings, we might remember paintings we’ve seen, artwork we’ve admired, paintings we’ve purchased (or longed after). For the vast majority of us who are not already highly skilled artists, we equate painting(s) to the artwork of others that we see and appreciate.

We might even equate the art of painting to the emotions, feelings, and sentiments that we feel when we look at paintings. Some would say that there is an emotional and spiritual benefit to looking at and merely appreciating paintings.

But what about the emotional and spiritual benefit of creating paintings? Most of us would usually never think of this because we don’t consider ourselves capable of creating such art via a paintbrush and canvas.

Not only is there a significant emotional and spiritual benefit in painting, but anyone can create fantastic paintings, especially with the help of Life With Paint social painting classes.

In Life With Paint group painting classes, our artist-instructors give students a means by which they can enhance themselves spiritually and emotionally through the art of painting.

The Benefits of Painting – How Painting Helps us Soar Spiritually and Emotionally

There’s a great deal of valuable research and philosophical thought on the emotional and spiritual benefits of painting. For example, the Encyclopedia of Philosophy has an impressive dissertation on the connection between art and emotion. That dissertation is worth quoting:


“It is widely thought that the capacity of artworks to arouse emotions in audiences is a perfectly natural and unproblematic fact. It just seems obvious that we can feel sadness or pity for fictional characters, fear at the view of threatening monsters on the movie screen, and joy upon listening to upbeat, happy songs. This may be why so many of us are consumers of art in the first place. Good art, many of us tend to think, should not leave us cold.”

Art makes us feel something when we observe it. It follows logically then that art would make us feel something compelling when we create it as well.

And it’s not just philosophers and other artists who feel this way. Some scientists even theorize that artistic expression does not stop at making us feel good. These experts believe that creative interaction in the arts can be used as a way to heal people, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Quoting a peer-reviewed research paper published in the National Library of Medicine:


“Use of the arts in healing does not contradict the medical view in bringing emotional, somatic, artistic, and spiritual dimensions to learning. Rather, it complements the biomedical view by focusing on not only sickness and symptoms themselves but the holistic nature of the person. When people are invited to work with creative and artistic processes that affect more than their identity with illness, they are more able to ‘create congruence between their affective states and their conceptual sense-making.’ Through creativity and imagination, we find our identity and our reservoir of healing.”

So we see that creating art, drawing a brush across a canvas, and making something is not only emotionally and spiritually uplifting for us; it is also something that heals us. And last but not least, it is something that we all can do, even if we’ve never done it before.

Life With Paint offers a chance for people who have never before held a paintbrush in their hands to create beautiful masterpieces that they can then take home with them. Students hang their artwork on their wall and appreciate the memory and the creativity that their Life With Paint class inspired in them. A lot of art appreciators become art creators after their first Life With Paint class. These social painting classes are a great way for a beginner artist to get started with painting.

No knowledge of painting techniques is required. Expect a great time and an emotionally uplifting, spiritually fulfilling experience.

From Our Students – The Emotional Benefits of Painting, No Experience Required!

At Life With Paint, we bring students into our fun and engaging social painting classes and give them a relaxing, fun, engaging experience. Within just an hour or two, students who have little or no experience painting can create incredible works of art, works of art that make them feel great.

One of our recent students, Laaken Atkinson, talked about how she was able to create a fantastic piece of art with zero experience. She said:

“Life of paint was honestly so fun!! I attended here with one of my my girlfriends and I had no painting experience whatsoever, the staff were wonderful and easy to follow there steps! I’m no Picasso but my painting turned out pretty well and I’m proud of myself. If you’re up for having a great night out with your girlfriends then definitely come here ! I reckon this would be fun for a hens night too, I did also see lots of couples attend, so next time when I attend I will bring my bf with me! til next time :)”

Another student, Ben Fogarty, wrote a review on how relaxing and soothing his Life With Paint class was, and how, again, no experience was required for him to create artwork that he was quite proud of:

“I went with my wife and a friend to do a class – it really was a wonderful night. Relaxed, lots of laughs, and you get to paint a picture, which has never been something I felt confident I could do. Although I didn’t know anyone else, everyone really enjoyed it – you could tell. It’s a great night out. Highly recommended.”

Are you ready for an emotional, spiritual journey? Are you prepared to take your first step into the fantastic world of the arts and painting? Please fill out our contact form to get signed up for one of our social painting classes. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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