Do you ever find yourself getting bored out there in the wilds of Alice Springs? Ever wake up on your day off and have no clear idea just what on earth you are going to do with your day? Maybe you’ve already been to the Alice Springs Desert Park, the Telegraph Station Historical Preserve, ANZAC Hill, the Ilparpa Swamp Wildlife Protected Area, etc. Don’t get us wrong; we know that there are some incredible things to do in Alice Springs. But maybe you feel like you’ve done everything that the city has to offer, and now you’re just bored.

Finding New, Creative Meaning Through the Art of Painting

Life With Paint, Australia’s fastest-growing social painting group, has something special for those who live in Alice Springs, Gillen, Araluen, Larapinta, Saladeen, Undoolya, Braitling, and Mount Johns. Life With Paint offers social painting classes, fun, educational, creative, and stimulating group painting classes in Alice Springs that get people out of the house and into a new hobby! No more sitting at home and watching television all through the weekend. Now there is something really fun to do in Alice Springs!

Life With Paint’s group painting classes gives Alice Springs residents a chance to express themselves through the joy of painting. These are affordable, readily available, one to two-hour painting classes where you walk in with nothing but your imagination and a willingness to learn, and you walk out with your own, personal masterpiece.

Anyone Can Learn How to Paint Thanks to Our Easy-to-Follow Classes

A lot of people feel like they can’t paint, simply because they’ve never tried it before. Thankfully, Life With Paint group painting classes are set up to help people of all skill levels become artists, and that includes teaching people who’ve never even held a paintbrush in their hands before!

Creating art does something for people. We are certain of it. Making art invigorates people. It fills them with new purpose and new joy. Making paintings allows people to tap into their creative side and experience a type of pleasure and satisfaction that perhaps they’ve never felt before.

Words of Encouragement from One of Our Beginner Students

Life With Paint is one of the most highly-reviewed social painting companies in all of Oceania. You can check us out on Google, Facebook, Groupon, and other social media sites. Our students thoroughly love our classes!,151.1906397,17z/data=!4m14!1m6!3m5!1s0x6b12b14dfd016491:0xb8040a17eab68792!2sLife+With+Paint!8m2!3d-33.869735!4d151.1928284!3m6!1s0x6b12b14dfd016491:0xb8040a17eab68792!8m2!3d-33.869735!4d151.1928284!9m1!1b1?authuser=3

We’ve included one of our many reviews below from a student who had a fantastic time in a Life With Paint group painting class, even though she was a total beginner! L. Riddell was thrilled that she could make artwork on her first attempt.

“Few of my friends decided to do something interesting for our get together. Claire was art instructor on the day, she was amazing and was extremely helpful for us the total newbies. We enjoyed the experience and will do again in future. Thank you.”

Signing Up for a Class

Signing up for a class in Alice Springs is as easy as a couple of clicks of your mouse and five minutes or less on your keyboard. Just decide which type of course you want to take and sign up. Life With Paint offers open group painting classes, where anyone in the area can sign up and participate. Our artist-instructors also offer private event painting classes, which are perfect if you have a large event planned, like a birthday party, a Hen’s Night, or a corporate event.

Painting Classes

Private Events

Finding a New Hobby with Alice Springs Painting Classes

There is so much inspiration for art in Alice Springs. From the natural lands to the indigenous cultures and the history of the city, inspiration and ideas for artwork lie around every corner in this beautiful town. Tap into your creative drive, sign up for a class, show up ready to be amazed, and be prepared to take home your masterpiece!